Leo Maldoria
Born TBA
Achievements 316AP ICARA Rookie of the Year
Racing Series RZOEAZ , ICARA
Car no., team No. 09 (Team MDN)
315AP Pts Pos 110th of 114
Best Pts Finish 16th (314AP)
Last Race 315AP Capstone Realty 250
First Win 315AP Capstone Realty 250
Last Win 315AP Capstone Realty 250
Starts 55
Wins 1
Top-5s 8
Top-10s 21
Poles 0

Leonardo (Leo) Maldoria (born 287 AP) was a Samuelonian race car driver in the RZOEAZ. He used to drive the No. 09 Red Buffalo/LPS Parmiyon for Team MDN. He resides in Véoncy, Samuelonia and is married to former Miss Samuelonia, Solina Maldoria. Following his suspension from RZOEAZ in 315AP, Maldoria began racing in ICARA instead.

RZOEAZ Suspension Edit

During the 315AP RZOEAZ Season, Maldoria was suspended by the RZOEAZ after he flew the Anastinian flag during his post-race victory lap celebration.

RZOEAZ Director Lesko released a press statement making the following points, among others:

  • Leo Maldoria's post-race celebration was of an inflammatory political nature, and therefore violated Article 12 of the RZOEAZ rule book, "Actions detrimental to the sport of stock car racing."
  • It was the finding of the RZOEAZ that the decision to fly the Anastinian flag during the celebrations was Maldoria's alone, and that his crew chief and team owner had no foreknowledge of the planned actions.
  • Effective immediately, Maldoria's RZOEAZ competition license was suspended indefinitely, and the crew member who provided the flag has also been suspended indefinitely.  Under RZOEAZ rules, once suspended, drivers and crew members may have no contact with their teams or any other RZOEAZ-sanctioned bodies (teams, tracks, etc.) except with an RZOEAZ official present.  The only exception to the rule is direct contact with the team owner for business purposes.
  • As such, Maldoria is not allowed to attend any RZOEAZ-sanctioned events, visit RZOEAZ-sanctioned facilities (including racetracks, testing facilities, team garages, etc.) until such time as he is reinstated to race.

According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the suspension of his racing license had an immediate affect on Maldoria, changing his passport visa status from Work to Tourist, giving him only 21 days before he is required to leave Zartanian territory or apply for an extension of his tourist visa.


Following his suspension by RZOEAZ, Maldoria was able to secure a drive with the Kenneth-Saqlain ICARA team for the final 7 races of the 315AP season, scoring points in 3 of them.

Personal lifeEdit


Solina Maldoria, the wife of Leo Maldoria, who married in 311.

Leo Maldoria married wife, Solina Amberbourne in 311 and have one daughter, Nivonia, who was born in 213. The couple live in Véoncy, Samuelonia, but have a property in Zartania. His wife, Solina is a Samuelonian glamour model and former Miss Samuelonia 309.

RZOEAZ CareerEdit

Leo Maldoria's RZOEAZ stock car racing career was promising, but cut short in 315AP due to unwanted political statements made by the driver following his first race win. The sanctioning body suspended his competition license and barred Maldoria from competition until certain criteria were met that would lead to reinstatement. As of December 316AP, those criteria have still not been met and Maldoria is still suspended from RZOEAZ competition.

313AP SeasonEdit

314AP SeasonEdit

315AP SeasonEdit

Following his suspension, Maldoria was replaced in the No. 09 Parmiyon by fellow Samuelonian rookie Brayden Roquefort.

Career StatsEdit

Year Car Team Start Pole Win Top-5 Top-10 Finish
315AP #09 Red Buffalo/LPS Parmiyon Team MDN 5 0 1 3 3 110th
314AP #09 Red Buffalo/LPS Parmiyon Team MDN 33 0 0 3 11 16th
313AP #09 Red Buffalo/LPS Parmiyon Team MDN 17 0 0 2 7 33rd

ICARA Career Edit

315AP Season Edit

After his suspension from RZOEAZ racing, Maldoria was offered an opportunity to run the rest of the season with the Kenneth-Saqlain team, a chance he jumped on, running 7 races in total, and quickly getting the hang of it, the attention he gathered resulting in a full-time ride for the 316AP Season.

316AP Season Edit

Maldoria was hired by the Landa team for 316AP, and proceeded to take Rookie of the Year honors, beating out a pretty strong rookie field, although cynics said that with 7 races run in 315AP, he should not really have been eligible to run under "rookie" status. Maldoria would score his first podium finish, but remained winless.

Career StatsEdit

Year # Team Ent Win Pol MLL Pod Finish
316AP 52 Landa-Xiuhcoatl-Straymahq 48 0 0 0 1 25th
315AP 66 Kenneth-Saqlain 7 0 0 0 0 60th

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