King of Saint Samuel
Reign 153AP-184AP
Predecessor George IV
Successor Louis III
Consort Isabella De Montfort
Full Name Leo George Solomon Ferdinand De Amarr
House House of De Amarr
Father King George IV
Mother Queen Dina Il-Bithina of Shuquilat
Born 4th June 122AP
Died 14th January 184AP
Religion Orthodox Cruisian

Leo XIII (Leo George Solomon Ferdinand; born 122AP, reigned 153AP-184AP) was King of St. Samuel from 25 March 153AP until his death on 14 January 184AP. He was the 13th monarch of the House of De Amarr, son of King George IV and Queen Dina of Shuquilat.

Leo XII's 31 year reign was marked by the Civil War of Saint Samuel.

Early lifeEdit


On 26th August 149AP Prince Leo XIII married in the Chapel Royal, Francisco, Duchess Isabella De Montford of Saint Augustus, daughter of Duke Isaac De Montford. Duchess Isabella had been selected as a suitable wife by King George IV and it is said that Prince Leo fell in love with the Duchess upon there introduction.

On the 25th of March 153AP both were crowned at the Cathedral of Francisco. Leo remarkably never took a mistress and the couple enjoyed a genuinely happy marriage. They had 13 children, six sons and seven daughters. In 180AP, the King purchased Ozzeldine House (now Ozzledine Palace) in Francisco for the use of his growing family. His other residences were the Royal Palace of Shuquilat and Mount Sutherford Castle, in Alexandria. In his later years, annual holidays were taken to Leonards Bay, [[Saint Sembus], which he popularised as a seaside resort.

Early ReignEdit

Later LifeEdit



4 June 122 – 25 March 153: His Royal Highness Prince Leo 4 June 127 - 14 January 184: Duke of Francisco 25 March 153 – 14 January 184: His Majesty The King



  • Louis III
  • Ziona, Princess Royal
  • Amelia, Princess Royal
  • Eduardo, Duke of High Samuelonia
  • Adana, Princess Royal
  • Justiniana, Princess Royal
  • Lysander, Duke of Saint Omar
  • Silvina, Princess Royal
  • Maximus, Duke of Saint Leo
  • Enrique, Duke of Shuquilat
  • Maliyah, Princess Royal
  • Zantina, Princess Royal
  • George, Duke of Saint Rudoplh

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