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Levitsky, or Levits'ky, is the capital of Sukha, the southernmost emirate of Feniz. [TECH: The name recalls the Ukrainian city Lviv/Lemberg.]

Geographic situation Edit

Levitsky is situated on the Lech river in the center of the Sukha Basin, the eastern (Fenizic) part of the Dascunyan Lowlands.

Demographics Edit

Levitsky has about 1.1 million inhabitants.

History Edit

The area of modern Levitsky was settled before 2600 BP. The city was capital of the Estontetsan county Cisfluvialis. Before the occupation by Feniz, Levits'ky has been the capital of the Hochlandian duchy of Sukha.

APWH HQ inRL EmiratesTowersHotelDubai

The APWH headquarters in Levitsky

Landmarks and Tourism Edit

The most prominent building of Levitsky is the APWH headquarters.

Economy and Transport Edit

Levitsky is the center of Sukha not only in political but also in economic respect.

Waterways: Its port marks the point up to where the river Lech ist navigable.

Railways: Levitsky is a main station on the Occidental Railway.

Airways: Levitsky's international airport is connected to several cities in foreign countries, like Kologriv, capital of Lazischyna (Angliyaa), Jezen, capital of Jezen (Dascunya), and St. Thomas, capital of Aethelnia. The important Fenizic airline Air Feniz, main airline of Sukha, has its headquarters in Levitsky.

Culture and Sports Edit

Levitsky is proud of its carnival which includes a long and colourful Carnival parade on Rose Monday. This parade attracts about half a million visitors each year.

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