Logo of Lorican Motor Works

(From an article describing the automobile companies of Davenport)

Shortly after Rumford was incorporated, a group of four reknowned engineers, returning to Davenport after studying overseas, founded the Lorican Motor Works, headed by chief engineer Denis Lorican, in Star City.

They produced all manner of vehicles, including construction equipment, airplanes, and electric rail engines, but soon became famous for their cars which were, in performance, the equal of any produced overseas. LMW's cars were everything that Rumford wasn't: fast, sleek, efficient, and often expensive. The Autoway, Davenport's main east coast highway, soon become a study in contrasts between the clearly superior Loricans and the rickety but cheaper and far more numerous Rumfords. Moving from one car to the other was seen as a clear indication of a change of status for Davenportians.

In recent years, the two competitors have grown closer together in their offerings: with successive generations of Rumfords adopting a more progressive attitude, the Rumford Islander, a handsome, fuel-efficient, low-emissions two-door sedan, won design awards and became Davenport's best-selling car six years ago; while LMW has recently produced a line of economy cars, including a long-range two-seat fully electric model, the LMW Sparrow.

Lorican's racing team has been around from the beginning, and the company invests heavily in keeping its drivers happy and its cars winning.

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