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The game of soccer, or trilats in Rizne, is a relatively recent arrival to the sporting venue in the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania. It is believed that trilats was introduced into Zartanian society around 1270(Z.C.) by the Terramarcians. Within the relatively few years that the game has existed in Zartanian society, it has flourished to become the widest-played sport in the Kingdom. On July 12, 1362, the Zartanian Soccer Federation, or Trilats Federaztu vun Zeok'Tu, was formed in Cazniev to "be the nation's controlling and governing body concerning the regulation of soccer within the Kingdom."  In January 1365, after the union of Western and Eastern Zartania into the Greater Zartanian Empire, the TFZ underwent its greatest change to date.  In order to include Western Zartanians in the sport of trilats, and to better prepare Western Zartanian players for the rigors of international play, the TFZ was reorganized into two leagues.  The Lyga Royale, or Royal League, is the continuation of the original TFZ, incorporating the same teams.  The Lyga Eraztul, or Western League, was created to house the new Western Zartanian teams.  The Lyga Eraztul began with twelve (12) member-teams split into two groups: the Castle Conference and the Sword Conference.  The Lyga Royale currently has twenty (20) member-teams, which are split into two divisions: the North Conference, and the South Conference.  In both leagues, the two conference winners play each other at the end of the season to determine the league champions, who play each other in King Bruno Stadium in Imperial City for the TFZ Trophy each year.  Below you can find the latest news about the Lyga Royale, a list of past Lyga Royale Champions, and information about the current Lyga Royale teams.

Lyga Royale ChampionsEdit

1377: TDB
1367: Fort Orkalyn Spirit (25-13-2 overall, 11-6-1 in conference)
1366: Season cancelled
1365: Kasrall Lightning (20-16-3 overall, 10-5-3 in conference)
1364: Madisonia Eagles (16-7-5 overall, 8-3-2 in conference)
1363: Thornbush Dragons (15-1-3 overall, 9-1-1 in conference)
1362: Alfacron Planets (9-4-2 overall, 5-3-1 in conference)

North ConferenceEdit

South ConferenceEdit

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