Mɵg (pron.: /mœg/) is the capital of the Free States of Tak. The city was founded in 299 BP after an earthquake caused the existance of Lake Pearyt 26 years earlier and the area gained importance for trade purposes. Under Bowdani rule, it was known as Litmarsh and although located in Tak territory, the majority of the inhabitants was of Bowdani origin until the Plague wiped out more than 70% of the city's population.


Although Tak's capital, Mɵg is not the largest city in Tak, which is in fact the port city of Lp. Nevertheless, slightly more than 2 million people live in Tak, more than 90% of whom are indigenous Tak nowadays. Despite the fact that Tak has been a de facto independent country since the end of the first century AP, it only declared itself independent in 308 AP. There are some foreign investors and traders who live in Mɵg, but since Tak hasn't yet been able to establish relations with other countries on a diplomatic level seven years later, there are no foreign embassies or other diplomatic missions, due to which Mɵg has a far less international character than other capital cities. This may however change in the near future, as the government is said to be on the verge of a diplomatic breakthrough in getting the country internationally recognised.

Notable buildingsEdit

The city centre of Mɵg is located directly on the lake shore and would have had a beautiful view on the lake if it hadn't been blocked by the masts and sails of the many ships and yachts that lie in the marina. The centre is a large square with the marina on the east and large government buildings on the three other sides, including the Parliament of Tak on the west side, which has a large gate in the middle towards the Rem yk Tel ('Tel Street'), a broad boulevard that is one of the main 'veins' of Mɵg. The Parliament's plenary meeting room is located exactly above this gate.

The Rem yk Tel crosses with the nSaas ob Ƕrt Rem ('Sat ob Ƕrt Street', named after Tak's first prime minister), another broad street where the prime minister's office, a few other ministries as well as the ministers' conference hall are located.

(to be expandified)

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