Mariamburg United F.C.
Full nameMariamburg United Football Club
Nickname(s) The Golden Eagle's
Founded 187 AP
Ground Vexafon Arena
Capacity 96,000
Chairman StSamuelFlag Isaac Dantinholm
Manager StSamuelFlag Edward Saxmont
League Royal Premier Division of Samuelonia
Season 313/314

Mariamburg United Football Club is a football club based in the Francisca province of Samuelonia. The club plays at the Vexafon Arena in Mariamburg, and are one of the most popular sports clubs in the country. Mariamburg United currently play in Royal Premier Division of Samuelonia.

Founded as Church of Sanderburg Football Club in 187 AP, the club changed its name to Mariamburg United in 202 and moved to Carlosini Lane in 210 and is one of the most successful clubs in Samuelonia having won the most amount of Premier Division titles. They have a fierce rivalry with local rivals Mariamburg City FC and the Mariamburg derby is one of the biggest fixtures each season.

History Edit

In 309, Mariamburg United were one of six football clubs from Samuelonia to compete in the Longerath Champions Cup 309. Mariamburg United faced Apshograd of Feniz in the Qualification Round 1 who they beat 4-0 away, with goals coming from Sensini, al-Wazi and two from Ryne Olson and 3-0 at home with a hat-trick from Ryne Olson. In the Qualification Round 2, they were drawn against Erskine Griffons of Aethelnia. Mariamburg United won the first leg at home, 4-0, with goals coming from Marabarini, Bezzi-Louaza, Corsadini and Sensini. They went on to become the first Samuelonian club to win the Longerath Champions Cup beating FC Santrop-sur-Mer 2-1.

In 314, the club was purchased by Isaac Dantinholm, who promised to inject millions into the club after two seasons of under achievement. Dantinholm bought in a new coaching team, with Edward Saxmont as manager. The club moved to there new ground, the 96,000 all seater Vexafon Arena in July 314.

Record transferEdit

On the 1st of October 314, Mariamburg United completed the signing of Utan Krysaror FC star striker James Y'benya for a Vexillium record breaking transfer fee of $100 million.

Honours Edit

  • Premier Champions - 259/260, 260/261, 266/267, 292/293, 293/294, 295/296, 296/297, 298/299, 299/300, 300/301, 302/303 306/307, 308/309
  • Division 1 Runners-up - 261/262, 264/265, 303/304, 307/308, 310/311
  • Kings Cup Champions - 247, 258, 273, 285, 290, 298, 304
  • Kings Cup Runners-up - 244, 262, 279, 283, 293, 296, 305, 307
  • Longerath Champions Cup - 308/309

Stadium Edit

Mariamburg United moved to there new 96,000 all seater ground, the Vexafon Arena in 314. The new ground is located next to the old Carlosini Lane stadium which has been turned into a multi sports village complex and housing.

Former groundsEdit

  • Carlosini Lane, Mariamburg (80,000 all seater) - Used from 210 to 314.
  • Sanderburg Recreation Ground, Mariamburg - Used from 187 to 210.

Current Squad Edit

Number Nationality Player Position Age
1 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Niclas Corinthian GK 30 (B. 284)
2 Angliyaaflag Angliyaa Morten Halliethima DC 32 (B. 282)
5 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Vincent de Auldertyne DC 21 (B. 294)
12 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Austin Haverford DC 18 (B. 296)
6 Flag-FSD-1- Dascunya Asul E'i DR 32 (B. 282)
3 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Laryn Oxtonburg DL 20 (B. 295)
13 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Orlando di Sol DL 18 (B. 296)
Midfielders / Wingers
7 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Leo Sensini MC 29 (B. 285)
4 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Alric de Callerwyn MC 22 (B. 293)
14 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Bastian di Oxmont MC 17 (B. 297)
8 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Lendon Avinmont MR 21 (B. 294)
15 Angliyaaflag Angliya Atherton Etherwood MR 19 (B. 295)
11 Flag-FSD-1- Dascunya Jacques Clocher ML 28 (B. 286)
9 Utania Utania James Y'benya FW 27 (B. 287)
23 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Marlian Dantaryan FW 17 (B. 297)
27 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Lorezo Marabarini FW 33 (B. 281)
10 Danica-1- Danica Simon Ryne Olson FW 29 (B. 285)
M StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Edward Saxmont MGR 56 (B. 258)
StSamuelFlag   Royal Samuelonia Football Association   StSamuelFlag
Royal Premier Division of Samuelonia
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