The Kingdom of Meckeln-Flamlandt

Dat Köningkrik Meckeln-Flamlandt

Conventional short name:
 Local: Meckeln-Flamlandt
 Ingallish: Meckeln-Flamlandt
Data codes: MF, MFL
 Official: Meckelish (Platlandish)
 Others: None
 Capital: Rosshawen
 Other: Meckelborg, Mölnwik, Arendthawen, Tingst
Government type: Kingdom
King: Lennerdt IV
Area: N/A
Population: (not available)
Established: (not available)
Currency: Kron = 100 pennig

Meckeln-Flamlandt, officially the Indivisible Kingdom of Meckeln-Flamlandt (in Meckelish Dat Unsünnerbare Köningkrik Meckeln-Flamlandt), is a kingdom in the northern part of the Longerath continent. Geographically, and to a limited degree socioculturally, the country is divided into two parts: Meckeln (east of Glügner, Midtländer and Brägener Haffen) and Flamlandt (west of the mentioned waters). Meckeln-Flamlandt, which is politically made up of 10 Riksländer Owlandt, Rögge, Wedig, Kerflow, Glügen, Bregen, Neddermeckeln, Dünlandt, Owermeckeln, Jüllen and Riksstadt Rosshawen, is a to the west a mostly rather flat, fertile region whose coast line is deeply cut by many bays (Haffen) and sounds (Förden), and consists of many long sandy beaches. To the east the landscape is more hilly.


Over the last few years the political landscape of what was once the kingdom of Meckeln-Bomern has been drastically changing. A strong majority groups in the region Bomern has for some time demanded increased autonomy and, if possible, a complete separation from the kingdom. Recently, the sides have through negotiations reached an agreement that Bomern would be set up as a separate autonomous regions within - for the time being - the kingdom. Following this agreement the local culture and language (Bomerish) would be favoured and preferred to Plattlandish. As of the end of July 313 the region has officially seceded from its union with the kingdom and is established as an independent country in its own right. Following the secession of Bomern, the national anthem of the kingdom has been slightly altered in changing the name "Meckeln-Bomern" to "Meckeln-Flamlandt".

National AnthemEdit

Meckeln-Flamlandt Faderlandt
wol künn di verlaten
de heft Erdt un goldnen Sandt
tüschen Fingers lopen laten?
Diner Waters blage Feldt Gades Sünn bestrält
un Daden unser Väder sündt
aller Werlde öwermaten.

Meckeln-Flamlandt, Gadt mit uns,
mit dem Vaderlande,
Mak ons Köningk stark un wis,
un em regt ledt bi der Hande.
Ünner flamgel, wit un blag
fört he uns en Dag
tohus to ewig Fröide dar
up uns Gades Himmelstrande.

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