Sometimes called Mezapatami or also Mezapati, the Mezapatani language (Mesañee) is a minority language of Porto Capital, being spoken by 2% of its population as a mother tongue. In total, 5% of the Portocapitalians speak Mezapatani to some degree. Mezapatani is the language of the Mezapatani people. Mezapatani has, historically, been influenced by archaic Extreman, and also helped to develop Longerathian Moranguese into modern Arosian.

Writing systemsEdit

Modern Mezapatani is written either with a Liliance-derived alphabet or using its own indigenous script (the achegeti).

Liliance letters Indigenous Mezapatani
a Mezapatani A
c (k) Mezapatani C
ch (tch/sh) Mezapatani CH
e Mezapatani E
g Mezapatani G
i (y) Mezapatani I
j (zh) Mezapatani J
l Mezapatani L
m Mezapatani M
n Mezapatani N
ñ (nh) Mezapatani Ñ
o Mezapatani O
p Mezapatani P
r Mezapatani R
rr Mezapatani RR
s Mezapatani S
t Mezapatani T
u Mezapatani U
v Mezapatani V

Sample textEdit

Mezapatani (Liliance alphabet):
Maima ivipora ou co ivi ari iñapitire rra eteicha tecoruvicharenda rra acatuape jeguerecope

Mezapatani (Indigenous alphabet):
Mezapatani Text Sample

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

[TECH: Mezapatani is the equivalent of the Guaraní language of Paraguay, with just a few minor quirks on the alphabet (mainly dropping the diacritics, combining C and K into one letter and a couple of other simplifications).]

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