Midlburgh is the capital and largest city of the the Kingdom of Altland located near the midpoint of Altland's West coast, at a boat-shaped island in the narrowing of the River Widwotar and at the centre of the Province of Jergendol. Originally founded as a trading center by the sea-rovers who had earlier settled Komdn in what is now the Province of Nijmork, the city has been Altland's capital for the past thousand years and remains its principal commercial and industrial center.

The term "Capital Region" has become a substitute for the traditional Jarldom of S. Jergen, governed today by the mayor and aldermen, whilst "Greater Midlburgh Area" is accepted as including the city and all of the former lordships which surround it and are now under the direct administration of crown. The development of the city has been structured as three concentric circles, the innermost containing the old city and the governmental and ceremonial center for the kingdom; beyond that is the commercial and residential zone; in the outermost ring lie most of the industrial sites and further residential areas. Outside the city limits, in the "Greater Midlburgh Area," there are substantial and prosperous suburbs with their own local governments.

The population of the city proper was 1,293,712 at the census of 300 AP. Beyond this, at the same census, the city and county population of the Capital Region was 1,689,544, whilst the Greater Midlburgh Area had a figure of 2,007,646.

Notable buildings include: the Jergenpalast, the principal royal residence; the Folkshaus, the meeting place of the Popular Assembly; the Guildhall, used as the meeting place of the House of Delegates; Midlburgh Castle, ancient seat of the kings of Altland; the Arch-Chancellery, administrative nerve-center of the national government; the Royal Library of Altland; the Athernian Library of the Royal University of Midlburgh; the Titaneum, the city's principal sports stadium; the AltRail main station; and Trinity Cathedral, primatial church of the Church of Altland.

The city has rail, highway, and air links to all of the major cities of the Altlandic Family of nations.

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