The Royal Armed Forces of Kemedal (Kemese: Y LLuoedd Arfog Brenhinol y Cymoedd, RAFK) are the overall unified military of the Kingdom of Kemedal, encompassing the Royal Army of Kemedal (Y Fyddin Frenhinol y Cymoedd, RAK), the Royal Navy of Kemedal (Y Lynges Frenhinol y Cymoedd, RNK), the Kemedalian Air Force (Y Llu Awyr Cymig, KAF), and the Kemedalian Military Staff (Y Staff Milwrol Cymig, KMS), all of which fall under the Defence Ministry. The RAFK were formed after the acquisition of full independence of Kemedal in 302. The King of Kemedal is the Commander-in-Chief of the nation's military, although in practice these powers are executed through the Grand Minister and the Minister of Defense.

The RAFK consist of around 450,000 troops including 49,000 civilians. The RAFK is a semi-professional army, with military draft existing only for the RAK; civilians who choose to pursue a military career in either of the other branches of the RAFK however, are exempted from military draft.




  • Cyffredinwr (y Fyddin) = General (of the Army)
  • Cyffredinwr Llecadol = Lieutenant General
  • Cyffredinwr Adran = Division General
  • Cyffredinwr Mintai = Brigade General
  • Colofnwr = Colonel
  • Colofnwr Llecadol = Lieutenant Colonel
  • Gorchmynnydd = 'Commander' = Major
  • Pennaeth = Captain
  • Pennaeth Llecadol = 'Lieutenant Captain' = First Lieutenant
  • Pennaeth Danlecadol = 'Sublieutenant Captain' = Second Lieutenant
  • Swyddog Llai = Officer Designate
  • Swyddog Myfyriwr = Officer Cadet

Non-commissioned officers

  • Paratwr = Quartermaster
  • Cefnogwr Cynta = Adjutant First Class
  • Ail Gefnogwr = Adjutant Second Class
  • Gwas Cynta = Sergeant First Class
  • Ail Was = Sergeant Second Class
  • Danswyddog Myfyriwr = 'Underofficer Cadet'

Lower ranks

  • Corffwr Cynta = Corporal First Class
  • Ail Gorffwr = Corporal Second Class
  • Trydydd Corffwr = Corporal Third Class
  • Milwr Cynta = Soldier First Class
  • Ail Filwr = Soldier Second Class



  • Edmygwr = Admiral
  • Edmygwr Llecadol = Vice-Admiral
  • Gwarchodwr-Y-Nos = 'Guardian of the Night' = Rear-Admiral
  • Cefnwr = 'Rear Man' = Commodore
  • Pennaeth-Y-Môr = Captain (at sea)
  • Pennaeth-Y-Môr Llecadol = 'Lieutenant Captain (at sea)' = Commander
  • Pennaeth-Y-Môr Danlecadol = 'Sublieutenant Captain (at sea)' = Lieutenant Commander
  • Hŷn Gorchmynnydd = 'Senior Commander' = Senior Lieutenant
  • Gorchmynnydd = 'Commander' = Lieutenant
  • Iau Gorchmynnydd = 'Junior Commander' = Junior Lieutenant
  • Isradd = 'Subordinate' = Ensign

Petty Officers

  • Paratwr-Y-Môr = 'Quartermaster (at sea)' = Master Chief Petty Officer
  • Hŷn Cwchwr = 'Senior Boatswain' = Senior Chief Petty Officer
  • Iau Cwchwr = 'Junior Boatswain' = Chief Petty Officer
  • Gwas-Y-Môr Cynta = 'First sergeant (at sea)' = Petty Officer 1st class
  • Ail Was-Y-Môr = 'Second sergeant (at sea)' = Petty Officer 2nd class
  • Trydydd Gwas-Y-Môr = 'Third sergeant (at sea)' = Petty Officer 3rd class

Lower ranks

  • Hŷn Morwr = 'Senior Sailor' = Seaman
  • Iau Morwr = 'Junior Sailor' = Seaman apprentice

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