Murus mountains

TheMurus / Mauer mountains range are part of the NW mountains' ranges of Aethelnia

The Murus Mountains (Gardlian: Murus-Gebirge) are a mountain range in Longerath. The mountain range is part of the NW border region between Aethelnia and Feniz.

Some of its highest mountain peaks (above seal level) are the Viktoria-Gipfel (+3,801m), Luisen-Gipfel (+3,506m), Freiheits-Gipfel (+3,870m) and the Weiss-Gipfel (+4,560m), the latter of which is the highest mountain peak in Aethelnia.

Note: The Weiss-Gipfel is not to be confused with the Dascunyan mountain called Weisshorn.

Name Edit

The Geographic Institute of the Fenizabad University states that the Gardlian name is in fact Mauer-Gebirge. Although they respect the Aethelnian topographic map which gives Murus-Gebirge, they remain convinced that the real Gardlian name is indeed Mauergebirge while some people of Gardlian language may call them Murus-Gebirge, obviously in order not to divert too much from the Ingallish name - which is a Lilliani one, in reality.

Geography & Geology Edit

The two most important rivers in Aethelnia, namely Aethel and Louise spring from the eastern slope of the Murus Mountains. To the southeast the mountain range is bordered by St.James' Valley, and beyond that by the Aethelnian Mountains. To the east the mountain range descends into the Montes Heureuxes mountains, and then into the Vallee de Coligny valley. To the north, the mountain range is bordered by Land-Gaerdliches-Tal' valley. From north to south a rift named Rosenburger Pass runs through the mountain range. The rift is caused by the Lendian and Eras tectonic plates, see Vexillium's plate tectonics.


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