GK  Tommaso Caranante   28       
 GK  Joe Mair   28      
 D  Aroldo De Angelis   29       
 D  Gaio Petruzzi   28       
 D  Imanol Lambea   26       
 D  Gualtiero Bianchi   23       
 D  Patrizio Semioli   21       
 D  Gualter Sequeira   20       
 MF  Rico Gamboro   31       
 MF  Tito de Matteo   28       
 MF  Bernth Ekvall   25       
 MF  Vincent Crane   20       
 MF  Liam Nesser   19       
 MF  Zico Murihno   19       
 F  Elba Balleri   29       
 F  Kjell Olovson   22       
 F  Tito De Harli   18

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