The National Ice Hockey League of Samuelonia or the Red Buffalo Super League is an organisation which operates a major professional ice hockey league in Samuelonia. Currently there are 20 member clubs, 18 of which are located in Samuelonia and 2 in Angliyaa. Headquartered in Ellihammer, the NIHLS is widely considered to be the premier professional ice hockey league in Longerath, and one of the major professional sports leagues in Samuelonia.


The NIHLS was formed in 314 as a replacement to the Amateur Ice Hockey League of Samuelonia. NIHLS received huge financial support from its main sponsor, Red Buffalo and formed 12 new clubs to supplement the 8 clubs that had come over from the old amateur league. The first league is due to run from February 314 to October 314.

The Valtburg Cup, which was first played in 274 has been taken over by NIHLS and will continue to be operated alongside the regular league season.


Current clubsEdit

First DivisionEdit

Second DivisionEdit

Valtburg CupEdit


Valtburg Cup ChampionsEdit

First DivisionEdit

Second DivisionEdit

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