National Rugby Premiership
Sport Rugby
Founded 3 April, 213 AP
No. of teams 16
Country(ies) Shaelic Commonwealth
Most recent champion 00000
Official website vew.nrp.scw

The National Rugby Premiership (Shaelic: Ganeiða Kírtoa Rúgbiri) is a professional rugby club competition in the Shaelic Commonwealth. It is popularly known as The NRP (or in Shaelic, Ma GKR), which is derived from the competition's abbreviation NRP (Shaelic: GKR). It is headquartered in city, state.

The NRP is one of the oldest professional rugby competitions on Vexillium, having been established in 213 AP as an eight-club competition. Today, the league has been relegated to the second tier of professional rugby in the Shaelic Commonwealth, having been replaced by the Commonwealth Championship competition in 275 AP. Many of the league's clubs maintain official affiliations with Commonwealth Championship clubs, mostly for player development purposes.

The competition is fully licensed and sanctioned by the Commonwealth Rugby Union and the Vexillium Rugby Board.

The CompetitionEdit

Regular Season Edit

The sixteen clubs of the National Rugby Premiership are organized into a single table. Each club plays a double round-robin schedule, for a total of 30 regular season games. Four points are award for a victory, two points for a draw, and no points are earned for a loss. The bonus system includes a point for losing by seven or few points, and a point for scoring four or more tries in a match.

Knockout Stages Edit

At the conclusion of the regular season, the top six finishing clubs advance to the knockout stage. The knockout stage consists of a quarterfinals, semi-finals, and championship round. The top two clubs from the regular season table receive automatic berths into the semi-finals. The clubs finishing third through sixth play in the quarterfinals, the winners advancing to meet the automatic qualifiers in the semi-finals. The two semi-final winners then advanced to the NRP Championship Finals, the victor claiming the NRP Gold Cup.

Promotion & Relegation Edit

There is currently no system in place for the promotion of clubs to the Commonwealth Championship. There is also no system in place for the relegation of clubs to National Division One.

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More InformationEdit

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