A national anthem is a generally patriotic musical composition that is evoking and eulogizing the history, traditions and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation's government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people. Edit

[TECH: The old Brolecian website had a page dedicated to foreign national anthems. Now I just have to find it... - Carlos] Edit

Anthems Edit


Arosian Ingallish translation
Hail, O Hail, Liberdade!

O reconheço

pela extremidade

de sua espada.

Reconheço sua coragem

encarando à guerra

dos sepulcros sagrados

dos Arosianos matados

Sobe, valoroso novamente.

Hail, O Hail, Liberdade!

O reconheço 

pela luta encorajada

que já tardou a liberdade

Reconheço sua vontade

derramando sangue e suor.

Hail, O Hail, Liberty!

I recognize you

by the dreadful edge

of his sword.

I recognize your courage

staring at war

The sacred graves

of arosians slain

You rise, valiant again

Hail,O Hail, The Liberty!

I recognize you

by the fight encouraged

 that take long freedom

I recognize your will

shedding blood and sweat.

The Fold:

Fyldish Edit

Ingallish translation Edit

Tusa mo thír Edit

=== Nuair a bhíonn mé ag siúil ar Mhánna na hAbhla
Ón bhfarraige mór go dtí Gleann Shuí an Dála
Nuair a bhíonn mé ag breathnú ar Shléibhte an Ailigh
Ansin atá fhios 'am go bhfuil mé sa bhaile. ===

=== Má tá mé ar fuaidreamh sa domhan mór seo
Tá fhios agam cá bhfuil mo bhaile go deo
Is tusa mo thaibhreamh, is tusa, a Shíre
Óir tusa mo thír féin, 'sea, tusa mo thír! ===

You are my country Edit

=== When I am roaming the Holbury Emnet
From the ocean to the Swyndawe Valley
When I am looking at the Angel Mountains
then I know that I am at home. ===

=== If I go astray in this big world
I know where my home is, forever
You are my dream, it is you, o Fold
For you are my country, yes, you are my country! ===

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