• Aethelnia — Most popular pastime is surfing the internet, playing sports and partying.
  • Allacoa — the most popular and widespread sport is football (soccer). The game is widely considered to be the national sport.
  • Flag aros icone Aros — Music and sports are the two pastimes that are in the blood of arosians. Among the sports, football is considered the national passion being practiced and appreciated in practically the whole territory. Besides that, surfing and rugby are very much loved.
  • Feniz — a special sport of the desert region is camel racing. Rich people prefer golf or yacht racing. Soccer, formerly restricted to Hochlandia, is getting more and more popular. More about Fenizic sports...
  • Lamb's Cove — the most popular sport is baseball, although football (soccer) is growing. In the winter, curling is quite popular.
  • Lendosa — the most popular sport is soccer. Two members of the confederation have official national sports (a traditional martial art in Rioch and running in Kha), but this is largely symbolic.
  • Listonianfreestateflag Listonian Free State — fencing, soccer, croquet, bocce ball.
  • Mari'im — the most popular sports are soccer and ti'olu, a native variant of either baseball or cricket.
  • Scwflag Shaelic Commonwealth — the most popular and widespread sport is rugby. Football and ice hockey are also popular. The traditional sport of Doeam enjoys nationwide appeal.
  • Trinia — the official national sport is archery, but soccer is more popular. Some provinces designate their own sports — Akhanja in particular is known for its horse riding.
  • Xochimechatl — the official national sport is tlotec, a traditional game with certain similarities to both rugby and basketball. Ethnically Lendian areas of the country, however, mainly play soccer.

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