Larerepublike Lelanero y Oesa Gorami
Federal Republic of Neoliliana and Western Gorami
Conventional short name:
 Local: Lelanero
 Ingallish: Neoliliana
Data codes: NL, NLA
 Official: Neoliliani, Gorami
 Others: Lendian, Estontetsan
 Capital: Avenira
 Other: Aurore, Portalpas, Dyasne, Serrenspas
Government type: Federal democratic republic
Chancellor: Aya Warden
Area: 1,483,048 sq km
Population: 80,780,000 Neolilianis
Established: 299
Currency: Guilder
Organizations: UNNV, FCC, ITCV

The Federal Republic of Neoliliana and Western Gorami is an independent state located on the western coast of Longerath.

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