Nether Avonshire
Area 33,020 sq.kms (6)
Population 2,000,000 (2)
Pop.density 73/ (8)
Shire seat Avonmouth
Boroughs 2
Hundreds 20
Mail code NA
Motto Hillborn Seabound

Nether Avonshire is a shire of Somery. The shire is situated in eastern Avillion. It has three major regions; Avondale Emnet, i.e. the wide lower Avon valley to the west, which contains much of the population; the rolling Lockwin Downs, with its extension in the Mawkin Peninsula, to the northeast; and the mountainous outskirts of the Angel Mountains to the south.

Nether Avon Shire Moot
10, Avonbanks

Tel. 030 - 800 10 00

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