The New Cruisian Kingdom was a former Cruisian state, occupying a region in north-eastern Samuelonia, lasting from 899BP to 587BP. The capital of the New Cruisian Kingdom was Avastine, Saint Issanna province. The Kingdom ended with the occupation of the Uestadenia Empire.


In 899BP Muhtassa and Makia saw large scale civil unrest between the Mounist and Cruisian citizens. This led to the fourth Mounist War of Samuelonia between the Caliphate of North-East Samuelonia and a rebel group which became known as the Knights of the New Cruisian Kingdom. The Knights of the New Cruisian Kingdom was led by a Lord Donald Dondarrion, a prominent land owner in Muhtassa.

Dondarrion found support from the Cruisian citizens of Muhtassa and Makia and also neighbouring Cruisian countries. After a 14 year long war, the Knights of the New Cruisian Kingdom were victorious and Muhtassa and Makia became the New Cruisian Kingdom, with Muhtassa becoming known as Saint Elysium and Makia as Saint Issanna.

Upon his victory, Donald Dondarrion proclaimed himself King of the New Cruisian Kingdom with his seat of power in Avastine. Dondarrion recieved huge financial backing from the Knights of Cruis and the Samuelonian Orthodox Church.

In 812BP, the New Cruisian Kingdom answered the Patriarch of Samuelonia's call for a Crusade against the Mounist Correanian state and were instrumental in the creation of the Cruisian Republic of Correana.

The New Cruisian Kingdom was to last until the invasion of Uestadenia Empire in 587BP.==Geography== The New Cruisian Kingdom was located in southern Longerath. The Kingdom consisted of two provinces, Saint Elysium and Saint Issanna.

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