Data codes: NFL
 Capital: Delta
 Other: Carr, Cascarino, Kogarah, Lang
Premier: TBA
Area: n/a
Population: 14,000,000 Whilandians

Newfields is a state of Whiland. Once considered a frontier state of Whiland, heavily focussed towards agriculture, Newfields is now considered one of the central states in the Federal Republic. Michael Chifley's successor, the explorer Alexander Crean, explored further down what is now known as the Edoline River to find the point at which the river actually split into two large rivers, now known as the Edward River and the Caroline River. It was there the city of Delta was proclaimed, which later became the capital of Newfields. The flag of Newfields depicts the rivers, crops and other plants that were to ensure that a successful nation could grow upon such fertile grounds.

FRWNationalSmall   The Federal Republic of Whiland   FRWNationalSmall
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