Nicholias I (Nicholias Aventi Justinian Gellantara; born 2410 BP, was King of Samuelonia from 2409 BP until his death in 2388 BP. Nicholias was the 9th monarch of the Gellantara dynasty.

Early lifeEdit

Nicholias was born in 2410 BP, the son of Anticus I of Samuelonia and his wife Juliza of Drakonia. His father died before Nicholias was one and he was crowned King thanks to the support of his great uncle, Odyn.

During his infancy, Odyn was Lord Regent of Samuelonia and governed the Kingdom. Odyn held great respect whilst in office which saw a peaceful period in Samuelonian history.

Later reignEdit

When Nicholias turned fourteen, Odyn bought him to court on a regular basis and taught him in the arts of being a good King and by the time Nicholias was sixteen in 2394 BP, Odyn stepped down as Lord Regent, leaving Nicholias to govern the Kingdom, with the support of the Royal Council. Odyn remained a part the Council, until 2391 BP he came to odds with Lord Landaris of Jandemine, another Royal Council member. Nicholias was becoming more inclined to listen to Landaris than Odyn, which Odyn was displeased with as he felt Nicholias' was becoming too brutal. The final straw was when Nicholias agreed Landaris' request to execute over four thousand peasants who had revolted during a famine in northern Samuelonia. What made Odyn even angrier was that a large number of the people to be executed were women and children who had little to do with the revolt. Odyn returned to Drakon where he wished to see out his remaining years in peace.

Nicholias grew to be despised by the peasant folk for his brutal treatment and in 2390 a large peasant revolt in eastern Samuelonia erupted which became known as the Sparrows War. A number of Lord's who had become disenchanted with the King's behaviour joined the revolt against the King. A number of brutal battles were fought, mainly in eastern Samuelonia and the war looked to be going in the King's favour until Odyn joined the war on the side of the peasant's.

In 2388 BP, Nicholias was struck by an arrow at the Battle of the Red Swan and died of his injuries. Lewin of Vallcadini, who had led the Peasant army, along with Odyn and a number of other nobles was crowned King of Samuelonia bringing an end to the Gelantara dynasty.

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