For the state in Whiland, see Nordland.

The Nordland Protectorate was a temporary government run by Cruisana to administer the territory that is now The Grand Duchy of Lamb's Cove and the Southern Plantations.


Flag of the Nordland Protectorate

After the Duchy of Lamb's Cove and the seven plantations began extensive commerce and started developing common infrastructure, negotiations began over unification. Most of the discussion involved topics such as goverment and internal legislation. But after some time, it became apparent that international and diplomatic affairs were being neglected.

The Grand Duke and the head of the Plantation Congress (who headed the negotiating team) turned to the King of Cruisana for assistance. The king appointed a protectorate governor to handle the fledgling nation's international affairs. (Internal affairs were still run by the elected governments of the Duchy and the plantations.)

The flag of the Nordland Protectorate (modeled after the Cruisana flag) flew over the territory for nearly two years.

During the unification talks, there was a small but vocal faction in the Duchy that feared the merger would bring about the loss of autonomy and international standing. The name of the new nation went from a trite matter to one that caused the negotiations to drag on.

The eventual solution was the ultimate compromise: Use both names. Because the greatest public concern was in the Duchy, it was decided that the name "Lamb's Cove" should come first.

Once the name and the other topics were settled, Cruisana turned control of foreign affairs back over to elected officials.

As compensation and appreciation for its services, Cruisana was allowed to retain sovereignity over the Shepherd Islands.

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