North Eras Cup
Soccerball current event 309 North Eras Cup
Nec logo
Sport Rugby
Founded 288 AP
Motto Passion is Our Game
No. of teams 12
Country(ies) Flag-kansinia Kansinia
FlagKemedal Kemedal
Ludoniaflag Ludonia
Scwflag Shaelia
Somnat Somery
Most recent champion 00000
TV partner(s) Shaelic Sports Network
KEM Sports Network
Official website

The North Eras Cup, commonly known as the NEC Cup or by its initials NEC, is the largest rugby club championship competition in Vexillium's Northern Hemisphere, consisting of clubs in the nations of the Shaelia, Kemedal, Ludonia, Somery and Kansinia. The competitions twelve sides compete against one another in a single table, with no division or pool system. Each club plays a total of 22 matches during the regular season which runs for 23 weeks, generally from April through August, with the Grand Finals contested in mid-September.

The clubs in the top four places on the competition table at the conclusion of the regular season enter the finals leg of the championship, consisting of two knockout stages. The semi-finals are contested to decide the two finalists, which is played at the highest ranked winners' home ground, as opposed to a pre-selected neutral venue.

The current competition was inaugurated in 288 AP as the current 12-club competition to better promote and grow the sport of rugby on the continent of Eras. The terms Super Rugby or Championship Rugby are sometimes used when talking about the North Eras Cup competition.

As of 309 AP, North Eras Cup matches are now broadcast in 17 countries around Vexillium.


The CompetitionEdit

Regular Season Edit

The twelve clubs of the North Eras Cup are organized into a single table. Each club plays a double round-robin schedule, for a total of 22 regular season matches (one match at home and one match away against the other 11 clubs in the competition). Four points are award for a victory, two points for a draw, and no points are earned for a loss.

Bonus Points System Edit

The North Eras Cup utilizes a bonus points system, as sanctioned by the Vexillium Rugby Board. A club may earn one bonus point for losing a match by seven or few points, and a bonus point for scoring four or more tries in a match. A club may earn a maximum of two bonus points per match.

Knockout Stages Edit

At the conclusion of the regular season, the top four finishing clubs from the table advance to the knockout stage. The knockout stage consists of a semi-final and championship round. The clubs finishing in positions 1–4 play in the quarterfinals (#1 vs. #4 and #2 vs. #3). The winners advance to meet in the NEC Grand Final, the victor claiming the NEC Championship Cup.


North Eras Cup Clubs
Name Abbr Founded City, State Home Stadium
Shaelic Green
Olasa Šaeleaða
XXX AP Visis, Caelia, Scwflag Shaelia New Commonwealth Grounds (87,559)
Southern Destroyers
Žúriða Varzænaum
XXX AP Keshon-Husul, Keshon, Scwflag Shaelia The Royal Arc (37,906)
Northern Watch
Súriða Pesomem
XXX AP Lat Fale, Pisyra, Scwflag Shaelia The Highwall (23,378)
Aberban Kings AKRFC XXX AP Aberban, Aberban, FlagKemedal Kemedal Aberban State Stadium (49,000)
Bala Swans BSRFC XXX AP Bala, Bala, FlagKemedal Kemedal Two Lakes Park (51,000)
Cwmgors Counts CWRFC XXX AP Cwmgors, Gwaun, FlagKemedal Kemedal The Barracks (31,750)
Ludonian Eagles LERFC XXX AP TBD, TBD, Ludoniaflag Ludonia Seldruso Sports Arena (75,500)
Curwich Crawlers CCRFC XXX AP Curwich, Siburyshire, Somnat Somery TBD (0000)
Duffold Drakes DDRFC XXX AP Duffold, Nether Avonshire, Somnat Somery TBD (0000)
Prydwirth Pucks PPRFC XXX AP Prydwirth, Erset, Somnat Somery TBD (0000)
Central Kings CKRFC XXX AP Seasorane, TBD, Flag-kansinia Kansinia Seasorane Park (33,500)
Britana Bobcats BBRFC XXX AP Britana, TBD, Flag-kansinia Kansinia AC Staduim (25,000)

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