Noy Aviv is a town located in central Saint Lysander, in the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel. The city has a population of 173,000 and the large majority are employed at the RSAF Noy Aviv air base.


The city of Noy Aviv dates back to around 3900BP. A tribe of the same name settled in the region and founded a village. The Noy Aviv tribe were a peaceful hunter tribe and worshipped a number of Gods. The small village of Noy Aviv grew rapidly, thanks to it's peoples skillful trade and business acumen, the village soon became an important city on a popular caravan route.

When Samuelonia was spreading it's borders north around 3500BP, King Aguman of the Noy Aviv tribe signed a treaty with King Leonidas of Samuelonia, thus making the city state of Noy Aviv a buffer state, between the Kingdom of Samuelonia and the northern tribes. The war between Samuelonia and the northern tribes raged on and during this time, Noy Aviv prospered from it's treaty with King Leonidas. Samuelonian armies would use the city to sell its slaves and plunder from the campaign against the northern tribes and all the time the city retained it's independence.

King Ossido of Noy Aviv reigned during the 2170's BP. King Ossido had three sons and a daughter, the eldest and heir to the throne, Klemis, and his two brothers Ungalla and Citro. In 2172 BP Klemis was murdered by his younger brother Ungalla, who then took up arms against the city. For 2 months, Ungalla and his band of troops besieged the city walls of Noy Aviv. Prince Citro, who was away at the time, as he carried out his duties as a diplomat, returned to Noy Aviv, with over a thousand mercenaries and destroyed Prince Ungalla's smallarmy of rebels and killed the rebel Prince. Meanwhile King Ossido was distraught that he had lost two son's and the only heir to his throne, was his only remaining son, Prince Citro, who he disliked due to his well known drunken and rowdy behaviour.

To prevent his people from suffering at the hands of the dangerous prince, King Ossido married off his daughter, Selamita, to the heir of the Samuelonian throne, Prince Quintus IV of Samuelonia in 2174BP. This enraged Prince Citro who had his father assassinated and took the city for himself.

In that same year, Prince Quintus IV of Samuelonia became King after the death of his father. He himself led an army of over 10,000 men to the city of Noy Aviv, crushing the defences. Citro was taken by Samuelonian troops during the battle and executed a number of days later, ending the the city state of Noy Aviv's independence from Samuelonia.











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