Logo of the NSL. The colors black and yellow were chosen because they are present in the flags of all four Dominions that make up Nuropia.

The Nuropian Soccer Leagues (NSL) are four fully professional and semi-professional leagues spanning the Realmsdominions Westria, Kongren Republic, Deucoland and Niokolo Koba (collectively known as Nuropia), with fixtures played every year to determine the overall champion as well as divisional movements of teams. 

The NSL it is the Vexillium's primary football competition for men's association football clubs. Contested by 96 clubs in 4 divisions of 24, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation.  The top division is the Superiorship, followed by the First Championate, Second Championate, and Third Championate.



Logo of the Schnysna Superiorship, Vexillium's most prestigious soccer league.

The first season of the leagues was played in 298/299, at that time known as Westrian Soccer League, which featured teams from Westria and the Kongren Republic, and encompassed 3 divisions of 16 teams each. 

For the 299/300 season, the Westrian Soccer League and Deucoland's Zuidliga were fused to form the Nuropian Soccer League, and select teams from Niokolo Koba were admitted at the same time, increasing the total number of teams to 96 in 4 divisions of 24, which has remained the modus operandi since then. 

Since the first season, the top division of the leagues has been known as Schnysna Superiorship, under title sponsorship of Westrian luxury car maker Schnysna.

List of Champions and Runners-UpEdit

Schnysna Superiorship:

Season Champion Runner-Up Third Place
298/299 Dalsan United Apollon Mayerantritzpoort Racing Club Montroy
299/300 Electra Cronenbourgh SK Inter Palladium Apollon Mayerantritzpoort
300/301 SpVgg Concordia B.V. Vorwärts Achtroysenfuurt Racing Club Montroy
301/302 Racing Club Montroy Apollon Mayerantritzpoort SpVgg Concordia B.V.


Dalsan United Vorwärts Achtroysenfuurt Racing Club Montroy
303/304 Dalsan United Racing Club Montroy SpVgg Concordia B.V.
304/305 Racing Club Montroy SpVgg Concordia B.V. Electra Cronenbourgh
305/306 Electra Cronenbourgh Dalsan United SpVgg Concordia B.V.
306/307 1. FC Aurelius Dalsan United SpVgg Concordia B.V.
313/314 season ongoing season ongoing season ongoing

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