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Odesiuky is a harbour city in the Fenizic Emirate of Mokra.

Geographic situation Edit

Feniz modern Odesiuky

Odesiuky waterfront

Odesiuky is situated on the mouth of the river Oder at the Futuronian Ocean.

Demographics Edit

Odesiuky has about 590,000 inhabitants of Hoch and Fenis ethnicy.

History Edit

Odesiuky was the capital of a county of the same name within the Reign of Fenia. It was Fenia's main harbour. In 700 BP, the county of Odesiuky broke away from Fenia and joined the Union of Counties of Phenixia. This rang in the fall of Fenia.

-1030-1106 Kaiserdom in Speyer

Odesiuky Cathedral

Landmarks and Tourism Edit

The Odesiuky Cathedral (built 670-594 BP) is the burial place of the Fenian Duke Guinfred, the last duke of Fenia (+ 580 BP). Below the cathedral there is Archepiscopal Treasury featuring the famous Gisulf's Cross from around 1100 BP.

In the surroundings of Odesiuky, there are the ruins of Phenapolis, the old harbour city of Fenia from the 25th century BP, and Fena Pauli Castle founded 2550 BP.

Economy and Transport Edit

Sea: Odesiuky's small harbour is used by fishing boats and sport boats. The Interinsular ferry line calls here.

Railway: Odesiuky is a station on the Occidental Express.

Air: Odesiuky has a landing place with grass surface where Terrablanca's airline "Schneeflug" calls.

Culture and Sports Edit

Odesiuky is the seat of the Archbishoprick of Odesiuky.

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