Olaris Isle is an island of St. Samuel and part of the Lysander Isles archipelago in the Dark Sea. The islands biggest city and administrative capital is Port Devonshire.

The island found fame, when King George I fell in love with the island and had the Summer Palace built in Mayfair in 317BP, where the monarch would bring his family when he was away from Francisco. The island today is a popular tourist destination.



Population: 164,000


Adminstrative Capital: Port Devonshire, pop. 112,000

Main Cities: Mayfair, Port Wellington, Fort Donald, Cornbridge, Ivy Point, Ellania Bay, Bishop Bay, Karlyle, Salvatory Bay

Places of InterestEdit

  • Summer Palace, Mayfair
  • Queen Margaret Arena, Port Devonshire (Jousting venue with 14,000 capacity)
  • Karlyle Hill Fort, Karlyle

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