Omar VII
King of Saint Samuel
Reign 308 AP - 315 AP
Predecessor Christantinus IV
Successor Leo XIV of Saint Samuel
Consort Salmia Lyon
Full Name Omar Frederick George De Amarr
House House of De Amarr
Father King Christantinus IV
Mother Francisca Montburg
Born 11th October 251 AP
Died 5th February 315 AP
Religion Orthodox Cruisian

Omar VII (Omar Frederick George De Amarr; born 11 October 251AP, died 5 February 315) was the constitutional monarch of the United Federal Kingdom of Samuelonia and head of state for the Crown dependency of Eshwarya. Omar VII was crowned King on 18 June 308AP. Upon his death, his eldest son, Leo XIV of Samuelonia, was crowned King.

Early LifeEdit

Omar was the first child of King Christantinus IV, and his wife, Francisca. His father was the second son of King Louis III, and her mother was the daughter of Samuelonian aristocrat Lord Claude Montburg of Williamsburg.

Omar was educated at Saint Sebastiens Royal Academy in Francisco, where he excelled in sports and history. He went on to study at the Royal Charlemont Military Academy and upon completing his studies, he began his career in the Royal Saint Samuel Armed Forces where he rose to the rank of Major in the 12th Royal Saint Samuel Mechanised Division.

King of SamueloniaEdit

Later lifeEdit

In October 314, the House of De Amarr announced that King Omar would be abdicating due to ill health in the Spring of 315.

On the 2nd of February 315, Omar was taken to hospital and three days later it was announced that the monarch had died as a result of a stroke.

A state funeral was held on the 13th of February 315 and the following day, Leo XIV of Saint Samuel was crowned King of Samuelonia.


The King married Salmia Lyon, daughter of Lord Colwyn Lyon of Charlemont on 1 July 279AP at The Cathedral of Francisco.


  • Prince Leo XIV of Samuelonia , Duke of Mariamburg, born 279AP
  • Prince George, Duke of Bretonium, born 282AP
  • Princess Angelina, Duchess of Trollington upon Sandrina, born 284AP
  • Princess Julietta, Duchess of Montopauli, born 289AP
  • Princess Madelyna, Duchess of Drakon, born 293 AP

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