Area 19,503 sq.kms (12)
Population 650,000 (21)
Pop.density 33/ (19)
Shire seat Ombridge
Boroughs 1
Hundreds 8
Mail code OM
Motto Dwfr yw bywyd
Water is life

Ombridgeshire is a shire of Somery. The shire covers the northern part of lathe Shirdover, i.e. the upper valley of the river Omma, and the Shirdover Lakeland. The uplands of the Ommadowns in the south form the boundary against Emmerset.

The shire is known for being the last outpost of the Estron language. The supposedly last native speaker, Frithall Kimbethery, lived in Michel Moden, a few miles north of Momith, in the late second century. A campaign has been started by his grandson through the Estron League to try to revive the language in its modern form. The interest has been surprisingly large, and has contributed to a number of bilingual signposts on various locations in the old lathe of Shirdover (Ombridgeshire and Emmerset).

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