Operation Cutlass
Date: July 298AP
  • Victory for Armatirion and Ferrata
  • Fall of the fascist Rio regime
  • Independence of Kiltanland and Ordland.
Flag-armatirion Armatirion
5030fer Ferrata

Electra Mundi system:
Flag-cruisana Cruisana

Resistance movements:
Flag-ordland-small Ordlandic resistance
Flag-kiltanland Kiltan independentists
Ri Rio
Ferratan Planes

Ferratan FAC-Shrike interceptors on patrol during the conflict.

Operation Cutlass was a military conflict which occurred in July 298 between the fascist dictatorship of the State of Rio under president Berens and the socialist republic of Armatirion. After small border skirmishes in Nuarmia between Rian troops and militias from the colony of New Armatirion escalated into diplomatic tensions, psychotic Berens, in a bout of sheer genocidal spite, launched dozens of nuclear missiles against major cities and industrial centres in mainland Armatirion.

At that moment, Cruisana activated its Electra Mundi system, which intercepted and destroyed the ICBMs in flight, thus potentially saving hundreds of millions of lives all across Eras. This was the only time the Electra Mundi system was activelly used in wartime.

Shortly thereafter, Armatirion, together with Ferrata, launched an invasion of Rio. This, combined with the rise of a number of resistance movements, prompted the fall of the Berens regime and the independence of Kiltanland on the 17th of July 298 and Ordland on the next day. President Berens was captured, tried for war crimes and executed.

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