City of Oskalilly
Constituent country UFK of St. Samuel
Region Saint Maximus Province
Districts 15 districts
Population 593,000
Lord Mayor Lord Dennis Walker

Oskalilly is the administrative capital and largest city of the Saint Maximus Province in the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel. It is in the Alderpine County, located in southern St. Samuel, on the shore of the Dark Sea. The population of the city of Oskalilly is 593,233.

Oskalilly is a major educational, financial, cultural and research centre as well as one of St. Samuel's major cities. Oskalilly International Airport is located to the north-east of the city, with frequent connections to various destinations in Longerath and Smalik.


Oskalilly was established as a trading town by King Leo XI of St. Samuel in 246BP, which he intended to be a rival to the Trinian city of Kurin. Little came of the plans as Oskalilly remained a tiny town plagued by poverty and diseases. The Great Plague killed the greater part of the inhabitants of Oskalilly. The construction of the naval fortress, Port of Oskalilly in 87AP improve Oskalilly's status. The city was devastated in 188AP by an event that became known as the Great Fire of Oskalilly.

Lord Thomas Windbanks of Saint Maximus, moved the Saint Maximus capital from Velémont to Oskalilly in 192 when the city began to outgrow the former capital. Following the Great Fire of Velémont in 197, The Royal Academy of Velémont, the most respected university of the province, was relocated to Oskalilly, and eventually became the modern University of Oskalilly. The move consolidated the city's new role and helped set it on the path of continuous growth.


The city of Oskalilly was founded at the base of the Northern Velamnoćul Mountain range on the shore of the Dark Sea and the city is located in Alderpine County of the Saint Maximus Province.


Oskalilly has a humid continental climate. Owing to the mitigating influence of the Dark Sea position. The cities close location to the Velamnoćul Mountain range see's the temperature during the winter months fall to an average in January and February to around −5 °C (23 °F) and the city is usually has heavy snowfall between November to March. The average maximum temperature from June to August is around 23 to 28 °C.


In March 314, Oskalilly was the finish point for the first stage of the Tour of Samuelonia.