GK  Michael Tarvinburg   27       
 GK  Daniel Amaira   25   
 D  Vincent Ruddock  15    
 D  Morton Winterburg  19
 D  Justin Arnholm   32       
 D  Joe Tuesburg   28       
 D  Kenny Tornstom   27       
 D  Andy Jaggman   24       
 D  Arthur Hill   23       
 D  Matti Okassidy   23   
 MF  Chris McHart  20    
 MF  Vinnie Tissdale   31       
 MF  Manny Lennox   31       
 MF  Victor di Saine   27       
 MF  Alderman Urston    26   (Leorward)    
 MF  Peter Oliseh   26       
 MF  Cesar Kana Biyick   24       
 F  Niko Nevä   33       
 F  Sammy Rostela   29       
 F  Andy Sittingside   25       
 F  Dudley Gibson   24       
 F  James Maddenburg   22       
 F  Cyrus Crompton   19
 F  Fabian Zola   17
 F  Georgi Lillywhite  16

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