Owyn Wynters
Vital statistics
Name Owyn Wynters
Birth/Death 461 BP- 386 BP
Consort Adeline of Gildenport
House House of Wynters

Owyn Wynters, (born 461 BP, died 386 BP) was Duke of Correana and a prominent commander to the Kingdom of Anglyodascunya.

Marriage and childrenEdit

He married Katherine Morvelyn, daughter of Roger Morvelyn, Duke of Aldina. They had five sons and ten daughters:

Guy Wynters (died 28 April 416); married Philippa de Faryk, daughter of Henry de Faryk, Duke of Iberie, and Isabel de Verdun, by whom he had two daughters.

Thomas Wynters, (16 March 425 – 8 August 363), married Margaret Roseforth, by whom he had issue, including Richard Wynters.

Richard Wynters (died 414)

William Wynters, (c. 421 – 8 May 369); On 23 July 402, married Lady Joan Arlbourne, daughter of Richard Arlbourne, Baron of Mariamburg, by whom he had a son, Richard Wynters and a daughter, Joan Wynters.

Roger Wynters (died 414)

Maud Wynters

Philippa Wynters

Alice Wynters

Joan Wynters

Isabella Wynters

Margaret Wynters

Elizabeth Wynters

Anne Wynters

Katherine Wynters

Maria Wynters

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