Founded 221 AP
Headquarters Linton (Saint Rudolph), UFK of St. Samuel
Company President Luca Ambracinni
Industry Sportswear
Products Sportswear and sports equipment
Employees 9,617
Solgan "Strive for perfection"

Panther is a large St. Samuel based multinational company that produces high-end athletic sportswear and sports equipment. The company is known Vex-wide for it's sports shoes and clothing range, football and rugby kits and athletics equipment.

History Edit

Panther was founded in 221AP, by a young shoemaker, Giuseppe Rizzinia. Giuseppe and his brother Costas, were both budding athletes, but a tragic skiing accident prematurely ended Giuseppe's sporting hopes. The young Giuseppe was forced to watch his brother become a highly succesful athlete, where Costas excelled at the 100 meters. With his sporting career over Giuseppe helped his father in a small backstreet cobblers in Linton.

Giuseppe designed and made a pair of trainers for his brother Costas, which he wore in his record breaking 100 meters victory at the Samuelonian Championships in 218AP. Three years later, Giuseppe had saved enough money and with the financial support from his brother, purchased a small shop in Linton, where he made and sold sports shoes. He named his company after his brothers nickname, who was known as the "Panther."

With Costas quickly becoming one of St. Samuel's greatest athletes, Giuseppe's business grew along with his brothers fame. The striking and simple company symbol, a Panther, his products became popular throughtout the country. In 227AP, Panther was chosen to produce footwear and clothing for the Samuelonian Athletics Federation. By the late 230's, Panther broke into the football market and became the kit manufacturer for Oskalilly City FC ho at the time were one of the best football clubs in the country.

Nowadays, Panther is one of the largest sportswear brands in Vexillium. Mariamburg United FC's midfield prodigy, Leo Sensini is the current face of Panther, who stars in Panther adverts and wears the latest Panther football boot range.

Sponsorship Edit

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