Paxton Tire & Rubber Company is a rubber-goods manufacturing business based in Paxton, Summis, Lamb's Cove.

Products Edit

The company makes tires for all types of vehicles, including automobiles, farm equipment and aircraft. It also does a small trade in equipment for manufacturing plants, such as belts and pulleys.

Airships Edit

A separate division of Paxton Tire & Rubber manufactures airships.

Paxton Mark I Edit

Currently there is only one model in own production, the Paxton Mark I, which is 130m long and can carry 36 passengers. It can also be configured for cargo or military operation. There are five Mark I's flying in Lamb's Cove; four are in charter service, while one flies commercial routes for Cove Air. In addition, several governments have purchased this airship for civil and military purposes.

  • Feniz operates three Mark I's in passenger service at Ix'Fleeg-In Feniz (for domestic tourist destinations and a breathtaking round-trip via Ulnovabad, Cruisana, and Draconia) and three in military service, one of which is asigned to the Royal Air Travel Squadron, one for border patrol, the third for naval patrol.
  • Fora Rifo's AERVOJO DE FORA RIFO (Fora Rifo Airways) operates one Mark I.

Paxton-OFP Edit

A second airship model Paxton-OFP was designed and built and is operated by a joint venture of Paxton Tire & Rubber Co., Royal Fenizic airlines, and OF Petrochemical Corporation, under the name Royal Fenizic Airshipping Company. Built of super-light ultrOFamid, the 245m Paxton-OFP can carry as much as 154 passengers.

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