La Reina da Piolsa
Kingdom of Piolsa
Conventional short name:
 Local: Piolsa
 Ingallish: Piolsa
 Official: Lendian
 Others: Sargonese
 Capital: Tiris
 Other: Colchisia, Valarium, Quena, Asala
King: Dazelio III
Chief Advisor: Dominico do Cato
Area: 828,214 km²
Population: 52,200,000 Piolsans

The Kingdom of Piolsa (Lendian: La Reina da Piolsa) is the one of the two primary members of the Lendosan Confederation. It occupies an island to the west of Longerath.


Piolsa is part of the Lendosan Confederation, a union of six separate nations. As such, much of its government is conducted by Confederate authorities. Members of the Confederation do, however, retain their own separate governments for certain matters — Piolsa's internal government is a constitutional monarchy, with the current King of Piolsa being Dazelio III. In practice, the head of government is the Chief Advisor, who is much like a prime minister in other constitutional monarchies. The legislature of Piolsa is known as the Parliament, and consists of one hundred representatives elected by direct proportional representation.

All political parties which contest Confederate elections are also active in Piolsan internal politics. In addition, there are a number of smaller parties which operate only in Piolsa, although none currently hold any seats.

Administrative DivisionsEdit

Piolsa is divided into seven regions.

Flag Region Governor Population Area Capital
Flag-videcaVidecaLuis Jadiro13.0 million201,804 km²Genma
Flag-cortaziaCortaziaVirida Camana11.2 million171,725 km²Azalta
Flag-dalvaraDalvaraSebastiano Tanro7.3 million92,302 km²Valarium
Flag-regasiaRegasiaSiro Turino7.1 million125,519 km²Asala
Flag-austeniaAusteniaDosro do Galvario6.7 million134,380 km²Sargona
Flag-cataniaCataniaAvano Vilaro4.1 million67,011 km²Astelitio
Flag-lavaiaLavaiaAndreo Venturo2.8 million35,418 km²Dialen


(To be completed)


Piolsa is the southern of Lendosa's two main islands, the other being Piolsa's "twin", Lendia. Piolsa is less mountainous than Lendia, and does not have the same concentration of its population around the coast.

The largest city in Piolsa is Tiris, the capital, which is located near the centre of the island. Other large cities are Valarium, Asala, and Colchisia, the latter being the capital of the entire Confederation.


The population of Piolsa is slightly over fifty million. The majority of these people are ethnically Lendian, with immigrant groups making up most of the remainder.

National SymbolsEdit

The flag of Piolsa is a green, blue, and green horizontal tricolour (the blue stripe being largest), with a traditional "triple diamond" pattern in the centre. It is a merger of flags from the three kingdoms which began the first united Piolsan state.



The official language of Piolsa is Lendian, the primary language of the Lendosan Confederation. Sargonese, a related language spoken in the southeast of Piolsa, is also spoken as a first language, but is only official in one region.


Cruisans are the largest religious group in Piolsa, followed by Veldanists. Cruisanism is strongest on the island's northern coast, while Veldanism is stronger on the southern coast. Larism is also practiced extensively in Piolsa, but is not as strong as in Lendia.

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