GK  Iacomo Fresi   22       
 GK  Ichi Yakaruma   18       
 D  Ricco Bianco   29       
 D  Rolando Beleno   27       
 D  Benito Maresca   27       
 D  Fah Sudham   25       
 D  Zacharias Elttør   20       
 D  Moritz Volz   19       
 MF  Fahroni Santorelli   29       
 MF  Danny van Hiele   26       
 MF  Uberto Guidoni   21       
 MF  Javiero Neftali   21       
 MF  Adam Munro   18       
 MF  Leon Andreason   18       
 F  Renato Zampagna   28       
 F  Raf Biemmi   28       
 F  Jules Tourneux   23      
 F  Sylvester Bolland   21       
 F  Lars-Göran Wiström   19

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