GK  Müfit Alacayir   25       
 GK  Kamuran Ünsal   24       
 D  Tufan Görgec   29       
 D  Yunus Sar   26       
 D  Louis Bright   20       
 D  James Bignell   20       
 D  Nat Ellis   19       
 D  Jin Yu Xiong   18       
 MF  Karl-Erik Skarp   30       
 MF  Nuri Kalangi   25       
 MF  Tayfun Özelce   24       
 MF  Mert Dadaloglu   21       
 MF  Julien Rawlinson   20       
 MF  Leo Sheerin   19       
 MF  Shane Abraham   18       
 F  Justin Dudfield   33       
 F  Seyfi Kelek   29       
 F  Neil Haag   23       
 F  Ryce MacCanish   23       
 F  Eugene Beech   18

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