Laws on prostitutionEdit


  • Flag-aethelnia Aethelnia — legal, and regulated
  • FenizNationalFlag Feniz — legal, but regulated
  • GBR Greater Burovian Realm —fully legal and licensed with regular health checkups, employable from age 18. Throughout the Realm there are a myriad of internationally franchised 'cathouse' and 'tomhouse' chains.  Subtle advertising is allowed.
  • IWKflag Kukuria — fully legal and licensed
  • Flag-lendosa Lendosa — legal, but regulated, with the guiding principle is that it should not be seen by anyone who is not not looking for it. Local authorities (districts and municipalities) are given choices as to how to regulate the industry — they may choose to limit it to a certain area of a city, and possibly require it to be hidden even within that area. Police inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with the law.
  • Listonianfreestateflag Listonian Free State — legal and regulated, but allowed only in areas zoned for such purposes.
  • Flag-portocapital Porto Capital — legal.
  • StSamuelFlag St. Samuel — legal and strictly regulated.
  • Flag-trinia Trinia — legal, although both prostitutes and customers must be over the age of eighteen (as compared to the age of consent, which is sixteen).
  • UTFNNational United Territories — legal
  • FRWNationalSmall Whiland — legal, and regulated


  • National flag Allacoa — illegal, and considered a minor criminal offense. Punishable by a relatively minor fine. Multiple offenses carry increasing deterrents, including up to six months incarceration. Customers of prostitutes are subject to having their names and pictures published in newspapers in an effort to reduce the demand for prostitution.
  • CimFlag Cimera — illegal under sexual exploitation laws. Prostitutes (male or female) are sent to rehabilitation clinics while those responsible for "pimping" them are subject to punishment under particularly stringent laws.
  • Lysempire Lysonia — Illegal and not tolerated. The Empire considers it a minor offense, but usually carries a heavy fine, community service, and in some cases, rehabilitation.
  • Flag-mariim Mari'im — illegal, but not considered a criminal offense. Punishable by a relatively minor fine.
  • Scwflag Shaelia — currently illegal, with varying degrees of enforcement.


  • Flag-solelhada Solelhada — illegal but tolerated in Morangal and Alt Aigadorenc; illegal and severely punished in the island provinces and in Sa Costa.
  • Utania Utania — illegal in Nystonia state, other states are more vague. In practise, it is effectively illegal.
  • XochimechatlFlag Xochimechatl — legal in some jurisdictions and illegal in others. More likely to be legal in large cities than smaller ones.

Legality vagueEdit

  • Djeriga Djeriga — according to the Djerigan government, there "is no prostitution" in Djeriga. In practice, this means that there are no laws against it.
  • Flag-rovens Rovens — Neither legal nor strictly illegal, police have routinely closed down prostitution businesses, yet there is no formal law banning it. Legal challenges have floundered with accusations of police interferring with witnesses and complainants

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