Quintus I (Quintus Nicholias Tiberius Gellantara; born 2506 BP, was King of Samuelonia from 2477 BP until his death in 2458 BP. Quintus of House Gellantara became known as King Quintus the Red, after his victory in Kyland.


Quintus was the second son of Tiberius I of Samuelonia, born in Francisco around 2506 BP.

From 2489 BP, Quintus, along with his older brother Saldonus, fought alongside his father in the 5th Alpinian War. By 2480 BP the armies of Kylos had been pushed beyond the Black Mountains. Quintus became the heir to the throne when his brother Saldonus died in battle.

In 2478 BP King Tiberius II sent his army into Kyland, commanded by Quintus, as Tiberius II had fallen ill. Quintus was successful in Kyland but in 2477BP, news reached him that his father had died. Quintus was King of Samuelonia.

Even though Quintus had been proclaimed King of Samuelonia, he was not officially crowned as King for a further 14 years, for he was adamant that he would return to Samuelonia having conquered Kyland, a deed no other King had managed. Whilst Quintus campaigned in Kyland, Osanidai, Lord of the North, acted as Regent for Samuelonia.

In 2459BP Quintus returned to Samuelonia as conqueror of Kyland. Quintus was hailed as a hero. The war had finished after 88 years of fighting. But Quintus had grown ill whilst in Kyland. He had one son, Quintus II, whose mother was Kylonian. In 2458BP Quintus I died and his son, Quintus II was crowned King at the age of eight.

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