Kaialitan Rabel
Federation of Rabel
Conventional short name:
 Local: Rabel
 Ingallish: Rabel
 Official: Rabeli
 Others: Lendian
 Capital: Neogen
 Other: Lilisasa, Lani, Sasana, Vilava, Itiva
Speaker: Miaku Ikibu
Area: 7,100 km²
Population: 2.1 million Rabelis

The Federation of Rabel (Rabeli: Kaialitan Rabel, Lendian: Lo Federario do Rabelo) is a member state of the Lendosan Confederation. It consists of a chain of islands to the northwest of Lendia.


Rabel is part of the Lendosan Confederation, a union of six separate nations. As such, much of its government is conducted by Confederate authorities. Members of the Confederation do, however, retain their own separate governments for certain matters — Rabel's internal government is a federal democracy. Each island elects a number of representatives, depending on population, to Rabel's legislature, known as the Chamber. Rabel's internal elections have a somewhat different party system than the Confederation at large, with several strong local parties plus a large number of independents.

The Rabeli head of state, whose power is largely symbolic, is known as the Speaker, and selected from the legislature by drawing lots. The process of selecting a Speaker occurs when two thirds of the legislature requests it. The current speaker is Miaku Ikibu.


(To be completed)


Rabel consists of an archipelago to the northwest of the large island of Lendia. There are sixteen islands of note, plus a number of smaller ones. The largest island in the group is Lanalana, towards the northwestern end of the chain. Other large islands include Pegui, Valalanalana, and Tatu.

The Rabel Islands are quite flat, with few large mountains anywhere in the archipelago. The highest point is in the centre of Lanalana, but compared to the mountains of western Lendia, it is minor. For the most part, vegetation in Rabel is what one might expect from tropical islands, with dense jungle inland. Along the coasts may be found large expanses of open beach, bordered by Lati palms, native to the islands.

The largest city of the islands is the capital, Neogen.


The population of Rabel is slightly over two million. This makes it the third largest of the Lendosan Confederation's six states, although it is still far behind either Lendia or Piolsa. Most of the population is ethnically Tanurai — it is the largest such state remaining.

National SymbolsEdit

The flag of Piolsa is yellow, with four intersecting stripes of red, green, yellow, and violet. The four stripes represent the four traditional tribes of the islands, although in reality, there has not been a fourth tribe for centuries. The white where the stripes intersect represents peace.



The official language of Rabel is Rabeli, although Lendian has de facto equal status due to being the primary language of the Confederation.


The most popular religion in Rabel is Larism, a faith native to northwestern Lendia. Rabel is the only member of the Confederation to have Larism as its largest religion. Cruisans and Veldanists make up a significant majority.

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