Ravenniara is the largest city in Xochimechatl, and is the country's main economic centre.

Ravenniara, originally known as Porto Constantino, was founded in 146 AP by Lendian colonists. It was the third settlement founded on the island by the Lendians, the first being Santa Lucia. In 150 AP, the city was renamed owing to confusion between it and another Lendian colony elsewhere — the name chosen was Ravenniara, after the flagship of Admiral Tandro Amarito. The city grew rapidly, and in 162 AP, the capital was moved to Ravenniara from Santa Lucia.

Today, Ravenniara is Xochimechatl's largest city, and the only city on the island to have more than one million inhabitants. It is a major commercial and industrial hub, and has the highest average income of the country. Most of the population is still ethnically Lendian, although increasing numbers of ethnic Xochimechatlans arrive in the city to seek better jobs and living conditions.

Politically, Ravenniara forms one of the eighteen highly autonomous "jurisdictions" into which Xochimechatl is divided. The city is administered by the Ravenniaran Council, consisting of fifty delegates elected by proportional representation. There are four main political parties in Ravenniara — the Democratic Progressive Party (centre-left), the People's Party (centre-right), the Civic Defence Party (tough on crime, anti-immigration), and the Freedom Party (free market liberal). The current administration is a coalition of the People's Party and the Freedom Party. The city has a reputation for "business-friendly" policies, including relatively low taxation.

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