The Red Order
Founded 3640BP
Type Military Order
Headquarters Castle Black, Saint Rudolph Province
Patron Saint Ottokar the Red
Attire Black cloak, with a red hood

The Red Order was a military order of St. Samuel, dedicated to holding and defending the Samuelonian border against the Kylonian tribes. The order's foundation dates back to 3640BP, when King Philotheos II tasked Lord Ottokar Dagenhelm, to create a military order of ranger's. The uniform of the Red Order was a black cloak with a red hood.




The Red Order consisted of two divisions, the Rangers of the Red Order and the Mountain Guards of the Red Order. The two divisions were led by a Commander, with the Lord Commander the head of the Order.

Rangers: The Rangers of the Red Order were tasked with scouting and patrolling the borders of Samuelonia. Adept at surviving in the wilderness their main purpose was to actively defend the Black Mountain range and ride out to face the Order's enemies.

Mountain Guards: The Mountain Guards of the Red Order were the largest and main bulk of the Order and tasked with defending the castles and forts of the Black Mountain range.



Castles and FortsEdit

  • Castle Black, (Saint Rudolph)
  • Avendorf Pass, (Saint Rudolph)

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