There are only a few names in Rosardans history important enough to be commonly known. The complete history of Roardan still awaits research.

NB: The address for the Reigning Prince is "His Serene Highness".

Rudimentary Genealogy Edit

Sovereign Princess Susannah I (109-156) ∞ Hugh of Derry
N.N. ∞ N.N.
Hereditary Prince Charles Devereaux (+155) ∞ Princess Sarah (132-222)
Regent of the Principality 156-176 and 199-213
Sovereign Princess Susannah II (154-199) ∞ 172 Sir Henry Cannon (143-218)
Co-Regent 199-213
Prince Thomas (192-279)  
Reigning Prince Devereaux II
abdication in 290
∞ Princess Nancy
Reigning Prince Devereaux III (†307) ∞ Princess Nora
Hereditary Prince Devereaux "Grimwald" (*278)
∞ 299 Lady Joleen Anne Wickstrom
Princess Katherine (*296)
Prince Devereaux (*300)
2nd child (*302)
Rosardan CannonDynastyCentennary

Cannnon Dynasty Centennary

The Cannon Dynasty Edit

The Cannon Dynasty began on 26 November 199 AP, when, on the death of Sovereign Princess Susannah II, Hereditary Prince Thomas, son of the late princess and her consort, Sir Henry Cannon, assumed the mantel as Sovereign Prince. Prince Thomas would turn seven years old two days after his mother's death, and for the next 14 years reigned under the Co-Regency of his father and his grandmother, Princess Sarah, the popular "Sovereign Mother".

Prince Thomas was the first of the three Cannon princes to govern Rosardan, reigning from 199 until his death in 279. He was succeeded by his son, Prince Devereaux II, who reigned until his abdication in 290 to care for the dying Princess Nancy. The last Sovereign Prince, HSH Devereaux III, has held the title since that time until his tragic death end of 307 AP.

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