The Peoples Republic of Rovens
Conventional short name:
 Local: Rovens
 Ingallish: Rovens
Data codes: RV, ROV
 Official: Ingallish, Guwimithian
 Others: Basala-Pataki, Utameyas
 Capital: Haastadt
 Other: Gvonj City, Patak, Cluj
Government type: Republic
Head of state: President Adolph Gottlieb
Area: 515,160 km²
Population: 23,825,664 (301 est.) Rovenians
Established: 300 AP
Currency: Roj

The Peoples Republic of Rovens is a multi-ethnic state forged from the ruins of the Guwimithian Empire and was the last territory to declare nationhood from under the UNVCOCN banner. It is the amalgam of multiple ethnic groups, societies and government systems.

Rovens inherited a civil war into its borders that is presently under truce and peace negotiations have been ongoing since the country's foundation. The Pataki Peoples Army, a nationalist, communist rebel force, fought a decades-long war against Imperial Guwimithian troops, an insurrection that only achieved a truce when Whilandic, Zartanian and Angliyaan troops overthrew the Guwimithian regime. This truce was inherited by the UNVCOCN, and then by Rovens.

The ongoing peace negotiations dominate Rovenian politics, and governments have risen and fallen on account of their policies and actions about the de facto Pataki state which hardliners from the ethnically-Guwimithian east coast refuse to accept. However, since the Pataki Communist Party controls one-third of the National Assembly, the task of governing without them has proven incredibly difficult.

Meanwhile, the country has endured a communist rebellion in the central-east, one attempted coup in 301ap, and an imprisoned former military leader is presently at-large threatening the very stability of the state.