Royal Express, or RoyalEx, is a domestic and international package delivery service based in Imperial City, Eastern Zartania. The company was originally established in 184AP as a corporate companion to Eastern Zartania's Royal Mail Service. Under the terms of the company's Royal charter, the Royal Mail Service would be responsible for the delivery of letters, postcards, and the like, while RoyalEx delivered parcels and packages, thereby allowing each service to concentrate on its core mission. After Eastern Zartania was incorporated into the Republic of Terramarc, RoyalEx was forced to separate from the Royal Mail Service and become an independent corporation. Since independence in 298AP, RoyalEx has become the leading package delivery service in the Greater Zartanian Empire and is used extensively by ethnic Zartanians around the world.



As part of the company's marketing plan, RoyalEx spends approximately 50% of its marketing budget each year on sports sponsorships. Chief among those sponsorships is a long-term agreement to support professional stock car racing in the RZOEAZ. Since 299AP, RoyalEx has been the primary sponsor on the #3 Straymahq driven by Zartanian veteran Thomas Sorrell.

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