The Royal Aethelnian Air Force (RAEF), is the aviation branch of the armed forces of Aethelnia. It was reformed in 301.

In the other official languages of Aethelnia, the RAEF is known as Armée de l'Air Royale de l'Etelnie (Phenixian), Ejército del Aire del Reino de Atelnia (Hibernian), Koenigliche Aethelnische Luftwaffe (Gardlian).

Airforce flag of aethelnia

Royal Aethelnian Air Force flag

Airforce commander base aethelnia flag

Royal Aethelnian Air Force Base commander flag

Roundel of aethelnia

Royal Aethelnian Air Force roundel

Airforce badge

Royal Aethelnian Air Force Cap Badge






RAEF officer ranksEdit

  • Marshal of the Royal Aethelnian Air Force (honorary rank held by head of state)
  • Air Chief Marshal (rank held by Chief of the Air Staff & Commander-in-Chief of RAEF)
  • Air Marshal
  • Air Vice Marshal
  • Air Commodore
  • Group Captain
  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader
  • Flight Lieutenant (lieutenant pronounced lɛv'tɛnənt)
  • Flying Officer
  • Pilot Officer

Royal Aethelnian Air Force officer standards

RAEF insigniaEdit

Code Officers Shoulder Insignia Sleeve Insignia
OF-l0 Marshal of the RAEF Marshal of the RAEF shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-9 Air Chief Marshal Air chief marshal shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-8 Air Marshal Air marshal shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-7 Air Vice Marshal Air vice marshal shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-6 Air Commodore Air commodore shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-5 Group Captain Group captain shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-4 Wing Commander Wing commander shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-3 Squadron Leader Squadron leader shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-2 Flight Lieutenant Flight lieutenant shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-1 Flying Officer Flying officer shoulder aethelnia 40px
OF-D Pilot Officer 100px 40px
Code Enlisted
OR-9 Chief Warrant Officer 100px 40px
OR-8 Warrant Officer 100px 40px
OR-7 Flight Sergeant 100px 40px
OR-7 Chief Technician 100px 40px
OR-5 Sergeant 100px 40px
OR-4 Corporal 100px 40px
OR-2 Airman (or -woman) 100px 40px



RAEF Delacroix 50 medium-sized transport aircraft in RAEF camo

The Whiland-built C23 attack fighters and Zephyr multi-role bombers form the main strength of the air force, since Feb 02.


Aethelnia flag   Armed forces of Aethelnia   Aethelnia flag
under the command of the Ministry of Defence

Army flag of aethelnia Royal Aethelnian Army | Navy flag aethelnia Royal Aethelnian Navy | Airforce flag of aethelnia Royal Aethelnian Air Force | Constabulary of aethelnia Royal Constabulary

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