Royal Armour & Ordnance
Founded300 AP
HeadquartersFenizabad, Feniz
MottoThe A&O in Defence Technology
IndustryDefence, aerospace, shipbuilding

Royal Armour & Ordnance, or just refered to by its abbreviation as RA&O, is the only Fenizic defence aerospace & shipbuilding company.

History Edit

The company was founded just after the foundation of the sultanate, from several smaller firms and branches of firms left over from the times of Phenixian rule. The initial mission was to produce defence goods for the Royal Army and Navy in an effort to keep the country as autarc as possible.

Later, a separate division, RAOCISY, was opened to produce civil systems like air condioning, computers and electrical home appliances.

RAOCISY of Utania was founded as a subsidiary on 27th June, 302AP, in order to facilitate imports of RAOCISY products to Utania. Insofar, it is only a marketing firm. It is planned, however, to build own production facilities in Utania.

Organisation Edit

Board of Directors

  • Programmes
  • Resources
  • Finance
  • Personnel
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations


The company has its headquarters and major production facilities in Fenizabad.

Product portfolio Edit

  • warrior's personel equipment
  • hand weapons
  • wheeled vehicles
    • Parachutable weapon carrier RA&O PARA BELLUM
  • tanks
    • Heavy tank RA&O LEO
    • Reconnaissance tank RA&O LUX
  • cannons
    • Self-propelled gun RA&O DESERTSTORM
  • rocket launchers
    • Surface-to-air missile RA&O HAWK
  • aircraft
    • all weather fighter bomber RA&O PAN AVIA
    • Transporter RA&O TRANS ALL
    • Tanker RA&O PLUS ULTRA
    • Multi purpose helicopter RA&O LIBERTY BELL
  • ammunitions including bombs and rockets
  • war ships

RAOCISY's product portfolio comprises

  • flag ship product:
    • FENSTER, an innovative computer operating system
  • air conditioning
  • electric appliances

Links Edit

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