The Royal Saint Samuel Navy (RSSN) is the naval branch of the armed forces of St. Samuel. The RSSN was officially founded in 742BP. It consists of a full range of vessels, from patrol boats to guided missile frigates, and includes two nuclear aircraft carrier and five nuclear submarines.

Current FleetEdit


Fleet SubmarineEdit

  • HMS Aicrem
  • HMS Vintini-Amiobia
  • HMS Amavialli
  • HMS Ballanburg
  • HMS Gloria-Hendia
  • HMS De Amarr
  • HMS Vella-Ansorgardio
  • HMS Castilla

Ballistic missile submarineEdit

  • HMS Ansorgardio
  • HMS Fernandino
  • HMS Issia
  • HMS Montbasini
  • HMS Nadazia
  • HMS Vanagon

Aircraft CarriersEdit

Landing platform dock x 2 Amphibious assault ship x 4


  • HMS Ronaldo Van De Luxor
  • HMS Luigi De San Antonian
  • HMS Charles Le Montbassian
  • HMS Lucas Ossingburg
  • HMS Andrew Della-Martino
  • HMS Salvatore Di Rudini
  • HMS George Van Der Sintella
  • HMS Victor Van De Luxor
  • HMS Fernando Di Leoni
  • HMS George Le Saxburg

Destroyers x 10 Frigates x 20

Mine countermeasures vessel x 6 Minehunter x 6

Patrol boat x 30

Survey vessels x 3

Landing vessels x 35

Tug boats x 6

Current Role Edit

The current role of the RSSN is to protect interests of the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel, which includes security, defence and enforcement of law in Samuelonian waters, emergency search and rescue duties and diplomatic activities. The RSSN also maintains a rapid reaction fleet, which is on stand-by for vex-wide conflicts.

Ranks of the Royal Saint Samuel Navy Edit

Naval Bases Edit